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Drug Abuse in the News


  1. Maduro's latest outrage proves the Trump administration is failing in Venezuela  Washington Examiner
  2. Venezuela, China in focus for Trump meeting with Caribbean leaders  Reuters
  3. A Venezuelan Opposition Aide Has Been Arrested, Prompting Rebuke From The U.S. | TIME  TIME
  4. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó says chief of staff detained  CBS News
  5. Caribbean leaders meet with Trump, say he promises renewed U.S. engagement in region  Miami Herald
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  1. Mueller report release: Special Counsel investigation report sent to William Barr, concluding FBI investigation into Russia interference in Trump Campaign and 2016 election - live updates  CBS News
  2. Robert Mueller has delivered report on Trump Russia investigation to attorney general, live stream  CBS News
  3. Mueller Delivers Report on Trump-Russia Investigation to Attorney General  The New York Times
  4. Alan Dershowitz: Mueller just filed Russia report. Here's what Barr should do with it  Fox News
  5. Why America needs to see the Mueller report, right now  Los Angeles Times
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Multiple tanks burning again after massive fire at Texas chemical plant  CNN

A blaze that burned several days at a petrochemical facility in suburban Houston reignited Friday, emergency management officials said.

  1. Adam Schiff rejects reports that Mueller indictments are over, says special counsel could be called to testify  Fox News
  2. Adam Schiff vows to subpoena Mueller if necessary  CNN
  3. Schiff cautions Mueller report may not lead to Trump's impeachment  New York Post
  4. Congress 'Anxious' for Mueller Probe Report, Rep. Demings Says  Bloomberg Video
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  1. Michigan Adoption Agencies Can't Discriminate Against LGBTQ In Tax-Funded Cases  NPR
  2. Michigan will no longer fund adoption agencies that refuse gay parents | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Michigan deal bars LGBTQ discrimination in state adoptions  NBCNews.com
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  1. FEMA ?major privacy incident? reveals data from 2.5 million disaster survivors  The Washington Post
  2. FEMA shared 2.3 million disaster survivors' personal information with contractor  CNN
  3. FEMA exposed personal information of 2.3 million disaster survivors | TheHill  The Hill
  4. US disaster agency exposed data of 2.3m hurricane and wildfire survivors  The Guardian
  5. U.S. agency error exposes 2.3 million disaster survivors to fraud: watchdog  Reuters
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  1. Chick-fil-A banned from opening at San Antonio airport, council members cite LGBTQ issues  USA TODAY
  2. Chick-fil-A banned from San Antonio airport over alleged 'legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior'  Fox News
  3. San Antonio Violates the First Amendment to Punish Chick-fil-A  National Review
  4. Chick-fil-A Donated $1.6 Million to Group That Bans 'Homosexual Acts' Among Employees: Report  PEOPLE.com
  5. Chick-fil-A Still Donated To Anti-LGBT Charities In 2017  UPROXX
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  1. Pinterest Officially Joins Silicon Valley's 2019 Money Bonanza  Gizmodo
  2. Pinterest files to go public: Booked $756 million last year and claims more than 250 million monthly users  CNBC
  3. Pinterest drops its IPO filing  TechCrunch
  4. Uber 'picks New York Stock Exchange' for stock listing  BBC News
  5. NYSE wins Uber, Pinterest listings: Sources  CNBC
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  1. Dow falls 460 points as US recession indicator flashes red  CNN
  2. Stocks Fall as Bond Market Flashes a Recession Warning  The New York Times
  3. Treasuries Buying Wave Triggers First Curve Inversion Since 2007  Yahoo Finance
  4. Inverted Yield Curve Reminds Investors That Cycles End  Bloomberg
  5. The Bond Market?s Blind Faith in a Do-Nothing Fed  The Wall Street Journal
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  1. Trump's sanctions whim for Kim  Washington Examiner
  2. Trump Overrules Own Experts on Sanctions, in Favor to North Korea  The New York Times
  3. Trump surprises by revoking North Korea sanctions immediately after Treasury imposes them  Fox News
  4. Kirby: Trump's North Korea tweet a dangerous way to do diplomacy  CNN
  5. Trump cancels hours-old sanctions on North Korea  Fox News
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  1. Boeing 737 Max crash: planes lacked safety upgrades  Vox.com
  2. Indonesia?s National Airline Seeks to Cancel Order of Boeing Max 8s  The New York Times
  3. 737 pilots trained for Max 8 with short online course  CNN
  4. The FAA Has Always Played Cozy With the Aviation Industry  Bloomberg
  5. More families sue Boeing over Lion Air crash, citing defective design and ?inadequate safety warnings?  The Washington Post
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  1. Flight attendant and DACA recipient detained by ICE for over a month  CBS News
  2. Flight attendant, a DACA recipient, lands in immigration woes after working on Mexico flight  NBCNews.com
  3. DACA recipient flight attendant released by ICE | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Airline, Union Tell ICE to Release Their Flight Attendant  Bloomberg
  5. Selene Saavedra Roman: "Social media storm" helped release the DACA-recipient flight attendant who was detained by ICE  CBS News
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  1. U.K. Cabinet Ministers Are War-Gaming the Fall of Theresa May  Bloomberg
  2. New 'Brexit Party' to launch if UK extends Article 50 in EU Parliament  The Sun
  3. Brexit extension: 'We are at the moment of decision' - BBC News  BBC News
  4. Brexit Is Postponed, but Chaos Still Reigns  The New Yorker
  5. Europe Is Preparing for the End of Theresa May  Bloomberg
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  1. The Golan Heights Was Once an Arab Rallying Cry. Not Anymore.  The New York Times
  2. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Thanks Trump For Golan Heights Recognition | TIME  TIME
  3. In Golan Heights, Trump Bolsters Israel?s Netanyahu but Risks Roiling Middle East  The New York Times
  4. Trump support of Golan Heights sovereignty and Netanyahu visit continue US special relationship with Israel  Fox News
  5. Israel Is on the Brink of Disaster. Trump Just Made Things Worse.  The New York Times
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  1. Huge chemical blast kills at least 47, injures hundreds in eastern China  The Washington Post
  2. China chemical blast death toll rises to 47  BBC News
  3. "We knew we'd be blown up one day": China chemical plant blast kills dozens, injures hundreds, triggers small earthquake  CBS News
  4. Death Toll In China Chemical Plant Explosion Rises To 44 | TIME  TIME
  5. Chinese Chemical Plant?s Owner Was Cited for Safety Lapses Before Deadly Blast  The Wall Street Journal
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