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Our Team

Brandon Epstein

Brandon is the co-owner and a founder of AAA Onsite Drug Testing. While working as a Police Officer in the state of New Jersey, Brandon has firsthand knowledge of the devastating impact of drug use in today’s society. He saw the need to further protect the workplace and home by identifying those in need of help and directing them to the treatment they deserve. In addition to his law enforcement career Brandon’s background includes extensive work in the emergency medical field and corporate risk management. Throughout his career Brandon has been recognized by his peers and the community for several of his accomplishments receiving a department lifesaving award for his heroic efforts and the prestigious Rutgers University Bridge award for his work within the community. He also holds numerous certifications and instructorships in the emergency services field.


Erik Jacobsen

Erik is the co-owner and a founder of AAA Onsite Drug Testing. Also a Police Officer in central New Jersey, Erik has played an extensive role in the war on drugs in our community. He is also an expert in the detection and identification of persons under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In 2009 Erik received the prestigious Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Law Enforcement Recognition Award for his work in the battle against driving under the influence. Erik is also the recipient of the Outstanding Scholarship, Leadership and Service Award from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars of Rutgers College. Prior to his career in law enforcement Erik served as a local fire chief and holds an impressive list of certifications and instructorships in a multitude of disciplines. Erik is also regarded as a mathematical genius holding degrees in finance and accounting, in addition to his Masters in Criminal Justice Administration.